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Hunting down the perfect jeans shape is tricky enough without searching for that elusive flat indigo blue shade as well, no? I went through the whole charade a few years ago before finally discovering the joy of Nudie Superslim Kims. Until soon after buying my third pair - disaster! - they vanished, never to be found again. Moral: if you find a jean you like, don’t buy one pair, don’t buy three, buy ten.


The intervening years have produce an ocean of faux-faded, bleached and shredded denim. The sandblasted patches and streaky ‘whiskers’ have grown to epic, comical proportions. Until inevitably, the backlash. Recent evidence reveals all this incessant sandblasting is not only bad for aesthetics but harmful for the workers. Brands are joining forces with the International Textile Workers Federation to stamp out the technique after it was revealed to cause fatal lung disease. Unsightly and deadly? That’s a good enough reason to eradicate faux fading for ever. Helping the cause are Derek Lam, Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo with their lush, unwashed take on denim, whether it’s Lam’s ultra sexy, 70s trouser-jeans and trench coat, or McCartney’s laid back culottes. Contrary as ever, Celine’s version is an indigo denim-look linen manifested in a stiff tunic and starched trousers. It’s ramming the message home though – classic, clean and pristine with not a fake whisker to be seen.


Stella McCartney Denim T-shirt  Stella McCartney Small Fallabella Bag  Derek Lam High Waisted Denim Trousers

April 20th by Disneyrollergirl  for Lyst