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Q&A with Rachel of Le Style Child

Meet our rad blogger of the week, Rachel of Le Style Child. This girl has major style, completely unique to herself. Taking really simple pieces like a tee shirt or ballet flats and making them bad ass. Using quirky accessories and bold statements, Rachel grabbed my attention instantly and knew she had to be a part of this week’s BQ&A. Check out below to learn why she’s one of my favorite attention-grabbers.

What is your favourite undiscovered blog/website?
Hm, it’s hard for me to say but I really love these bloggers:
Pale Division & La Vagabonde Dame

If you could steal someone’s career, whose would you choose?
Carrie Bradshaw. Haha just kidding! I don’t think I would steal someone’s entire career, there’s really no point in being anyone other than yourself. However, I would love to have bits and pieces of Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington’s positions (obviously) and tap into the life of a high profile fashion journalist or creative director. But quite honestly I’m really focused on building my own career and it’s shaping up quite nicely.

What’s your most embarrassing fashion mistake?
Legwarmers, fingerless gloves, and writing in sharpie all over my jeans… Please tell me I’m not the only one who went through a “punk” phase as a pre-teen. [Editor’s note: Hello, 7th grade. I’m with you girl.]

What is your favourite movie wardrobe?
Sex and the City, Pretty in Pink,  Memoirs of a Geisha, Marie Antoinette, - I love seeing differences in cultural dress

Words to live by/best advice you have ever been given?
Keep Calm and Carry On and I literally carry this notion with me - it’s tattooed on my lower neck.

Leather or lace?

New York or London?
I’ve yet to go to London but I’m itching to travel, but regardless, New York. It’s my home.

Name a style item in your closet you think everyone “must” have.
Versatile pieces and staple items. I literally live in white and black tee-shirts and then layer with fun blazers and statement bottoms and shoes.

Love or Lust?
I lust over love. [Editor’s note: Too good.]

Absence makes the heart grow fonder or out of sight out of mind?
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Talent you would love to have?
I took art classes when I was younger but I was never exceptional, I would love to be a fantastic fashion illustrator, I think it’s wonderful.

Describe your “getting ready” ritual.
Depends on the day, the weather and my mood. This morning it consisted of rolling out of bed thirty minutes before class, changing my outfit twice and throwing on eyeliner and mascara - I can’t even begin talk to you about my hair.

Favourite designer?
You’ll keep me here for hours. Ready? Set. GO:
Rebecca Minkoff, Jeffrey Campbell, Mary Katrantzou, Charlotte Olympia, Carven, Chloe, Kate Spade, Jill Stuart, Alexander Wang, Tallulah, ASOS - The list goes on but I’m also a huge vintage and consignment addict. I just scored a vintage suede and seemingly western-inspired Miu Miu skirt from Buffalo Exchange yesterday. Needless to say I was very happy.

What keeps you up at night?
Thoughts. I’m naturally very nostalgic, I’m always remembering things and wondering and sometimes wishing they had happened in a completely different way. Don’t get me wrong though I’m completely thankful and happy with how my life has turned out, but somehow I always end up speculating. I try not to that often,  to be completely honest.

Where’s home?
Despite having moved over thirteen times throughout the duration of my life, I’m originally from California and lived in Texas for  a year, New York City for the past nine years and always will be my home. It has changed me for the better.

Tell us a secret.
My nickname was Rachel Snail in high school.

If you could buy anything in Lyst right now, what would it be?
Lyst has so many amazing products for sale right now… It’s killing me and potentially my wallet. The top three things I’m lusting over are:
Giuseppe Zonotti Mint Green Suede Pumps, 3.1 Phillip Lim Blazer with Detachable panel & this 4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Transparent Pashli Mini Mixed Media Satchel. As you can tell I’m an accessories girl aha!

Shop her favorite pieces and check out her Lyst!

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