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On Man Bags and Nan Bags


Being a good, practical little Virgo, there’s nothing I like more than a sack-sized tote to hump my worldly goods in. But in my dreams I fantasise about being that girl zipping around the streets of London working little more than a bonkbuster-sized clutch. Alas, these people seem to only exist on the digitised pages of Jak & Jil and The Sartorialist. The next best thing then is a man bag, a step up from a clutch that accommodates an iPad and a couple of other sleek tech gadgets, along with my Topshop lip gloss and Loewe coin purse. As the menswear market explodes next year (who else is counting down the days until the big reveal of Mr Porter?), I think we’ll see more man bags being adopted by smart-thinking women. Put it this way, when I bought my Prada man-clutch in New York a couple of years ago, it was a hell of a lot cheaper than the female equivalent, plus less identifiable.


My other fantasy bag is less man bag, more nan bag. Something reliable, beautifully-crafted and free from over embellishment. Something that neatly accessorises a bracelet-sleeved coat and caramel-hued twinset. A Delvaux Tempete MM say, all undented leather and Kelly-ish proportions, or Hermes’ genteel Constance, a lesson in refined elegance (remember that?). The simplicity of a nan bag means it transcends trends, thus justifying the hefty outlay. No wonder everyone has gone doolally over Celine’s Classic Box. With its rigid proportions, minimalist trimmings and quiet good taste, it demands to be handed down for generations to come.


December 15th by Disney Roller Girl for Lyst 

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