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How to be Tommy Tonned

Whilst the side of buses all over town promote SJP’s new film ‘I don’t know how she does it’, I’m somewhat more concerned with pondering the fact that I don’t know how he does it. The ‘he’ in question being Tommy Ton, street style photographer extraordinaire who, with his blog Jak and Jil and subsequent shots for, has given a whole new meaning to both the terms ‘Street Style’ and ‘Shoe Fetish.’

But how does Tommy Ton capture such unique shots time after time? After all, fashion weeks are becoming more of a playground for the snap-happy than for dedicated show-goers. I think it’s because he’s rather selective about when, where and of whom to take that special shot. What does it take to be Tommy Tonned, then? I believe it’s down to a selection of the following 4 factors:

1. Clashing and Matching

 Summer or Winter, rain or shine - it’s time to rip up the rulebook of taste and clash prints and colour to your hearts desire. Lashings of eccentric jewellery is a plus, plus, plus. Besides, remember darling: the camera has no ears to hear that awkward clinking of metal against metal!

2. Clashing and Matching with a friend

In order to further ensure some well-deserved Tommy Tonnage, it’s time to phone a friend. Kudos to the above pair, who appear to be literally wearing the same dress. Yet another fashion faux-pas turned on its head in the topsy turvy world that is Fashion Week.

3. Clashing and Matching whilst Texting


Wah, so much colour clashing! And matching! And texting! I like to think that, from left to right, they are using a smiley face, a sad face, and a sticky-out-tongue face in their respective texts - but all with regards to the same show.

4. Clashing and Matching whilst texting and smiling

The piece-de-resistance of le Tommy Tonnage has to be this lady, who manages to match with the wall behind her, whilst texting, whilst smiling. Now that’s just a Tommy Ton treatment waiting to happen.

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