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Shopgirl Chic: Spotlight on Edon Manor’s Davinia Wang


For accessories expertise, look no further than Edon Manor’s Davinia Wang. We picked her brain to find out the who and what you need to know now. 

Davinia Wang is well aware it’s the extras—bags, shoes, and other baubles—that really make an outfit, which is the reason Edon Manor, her jewelbox of a boutique in Manhattan’s eternally cool Tribeca neighborhood, stocks only accessories and only from the most in-demand brands. There you’ll discover delicate Alaïa sandals and delicious Dries Van Noten flats while perusing selections of Alexander Wang satchels and Proenza Schouler clutches.

Lyst: How do you define a timeless accessory?

Davinia: It’s simple and elegant, goes with anything, can easily transition from day to night, and works on women of all ages.

L: What designers have you excited right now?

DW: Alaia, Jil sander, Alex Wang, Gianvito Rossi and excited to add Stella McCartney and Narciso Rodriguez.

L: What are the three shoes every woman needs?

DW: 1. A pointy pump. I like the ones from Gianvito Rossi and Alexander Wang.

2. A flat that’s comfortable while still looking elegant, such as the Alaïa ballet slipper, Givenchy sharktooth flat.

3. A low ankle boot, like the Dewar boot from Isabel Marant or the Acne Pistol Boot.

L: What bag do you carry the most and why?

DW: My Proenza Schouler PS 1—it’s convertible, has multiple compartments, is super soft, isn’t too delicate or heavy, and works for day or evening.

L: What 10 accessories are your favorite this fall?

Check out Davinia’s Fall Accessory Picks here.

Spotlight On: Ledbury’s CEO & Founder Paul Trible


Only a decade ago, fashion brands were tentative in their embrace of the Internet. Now many, like Ledbury, look first to the Web when searching for a platform to reach customers. With its mission to take traditional English tailoring and inject it with a distinctly American sense of ease, the company started with high-quality shirting and has since expanded.

We caught up with Designer and Founder Paul Trible to find out more about the Ledbury’s origins, where they are now, and where they’re headed. Read our exclusive Q&A and shop Paul’s fall picks below.

Lyst: What were you doing before you founded Ledbury, and what led you to starting the company?

Paul: My background is in the non-profit world.  I ran medical missions in Africa and Asia for a children’s charity and was based out of London.  I ended up in graduate school at Oxford in 2007 where I met my business partner Paul (yes - we are both named Paul).

Ironically, we were both heading into finance, but graduated the day before Lehman Brothers went under, so plans changed. 

I always loved clothes, and after years in London, I had become spoiled by the access London provided to a handful of the best tailors.  I loved going to a specialist like the shirtmakers on Jermyn Street and got excited about the idea of creating an American shirtmaker that really focused on fit and quality.

It got to the point where I was staying up all night just thinking about it – so one day I approached the tailor who was making my shirts and told him that I wanted to work under him and learn the shirtmaking business.  He thought I was crazy, but we ended up meeting for a beer.  We met again the next week and the week after and, eventually, he said agreed to teach me.  So I stopped interviewing for jobs and spent the better part of a year working with him, learning about fabrics, stitching, collars, cuffs and what makes a great shirt.  I somehow convinced my business partner that we should get into the clothing business.  At night, we would meet in the back of a pub on Ledbury Road to work on getting it launched.

L: At it’s core, what is Ledbury all about? Who is the Ledbury guy?

PT: Ledbury is all about making clothes that fit better, feel better and last longer than anything else in the closet.  I feel like that is what most men are looking for.

The Ledbury guy is classic in his styling and modern in his fit.   When people look him, I don’t think they say “what a great outfit,” but rather that guy really “dresses well.” I think that gives him an understated confidence in his style. I had a customer tell me the other day tell me he called his Ledbury shirts “special occasion clothing” because it is what he wore for all the big occasions in his life. I loved that.

L: You’ve broken down your shirting business into three tenets: fit, innovation, and quality. What is Ledbury doing to raise the standards on these three fronts?  

PT: We are obsessive about fit and fabrics and the role those two things play in making a great garment.

On fit, we offer a both a classic and slim fit shirt in everything we do.  But, even our classic fit uses less fabric in the waist and torso to create a more flattering look.

On quality, we only use Italian-woven fabrics and mother-of-pearl buttons.  All of our production takes place either in Europe or the United States.

In terms of innovation, we have made a few minor changes like the lowered second button, preventing the shirt from being buttoned too high or too low, and a fused collar to keep it from collapsing.  Nothing revolutionary, but alterations that men notice and end up loving once they try them on.

L: Tell us about your expansion into blazers, knits and accessories. Was that the plan from the beginning? What else can we expect from you?

PT: We have always been very focused on being a specialist and doing one thing incredibly well.  What we found is that the customers who loved the fit and quality of our shirts started asking for blazers, sweaters and accessories.  So we put a lot of time in creating unique pieces that really complement our shirting collection.  So far, the response has been great, and we are growing the collection one piece at a time.

L: How would you describe your personal style?

PT: I once had a girlfriend that said that I dressed like a professor.  My closet is filled with well-crafted pieces that will hopefully last a generation.  I like to think that makes me classic, but in the end my girlfriend may have been right.

L: What are your winter essentials?

PT: Moleskin pants, a brushed cotton shirt, a donegal sports coat.

L: What key pieces should every man have in his closet?

PT: A well-worn pair of boots, a vintage watch, a grey blazer and a whole lot of shirts…

Many thanks to Paul for sitting down to chat with us! Shop his fall picks here and don’t forget to follow Ledbury for more must-have menswear.

Spotlight On: Need Supply’s Buyer Krystle Kemp

Known for its well-edited assortment of contemporary designers and independent labels, Virgina-based Need Supply Co. is the premiere shopping destination for one-of-a-kind ready-to-wear, on-trend accessories and more. We sat down with women’s buyer Krystle Kemp to talk about her favorite designers of-the-moment, wardrobe essentials and fall must-haves. Check out our full Q&A and shop Krystal’s buyers picks below.

L: Need Supply Co. is home to some of the coolest indie brands around. What designer or brand tops your list of favorites?

KK: Really my favorites change from time to time. Last year I was really into Thom Dolan and what she was doing- so refreshingly different, and also very coherent; her collections live within themselves and tell a great lifestyle story. I think I am most drawn to designers or brands that are doing something different and unique, that stand out in the market without trying too hard. My current favorite is Assembly New York. Greg (the designer) is so inspiring and truly driven. He has vision and dedication and understands the world of retail; and his collection shows it.

L: What 5 pieces should be in every woman’s wardrobe?


1. A pair of black heels that she can’t really afford.

2. At least one piece of “grown-up” art : as in gallery-sourced, not a print or poster.

3. Large sunglasses to hide behind.

4. A bike.

5. A passport

L: What is your favorite undiscovered blog or website?

KK: It’s not undiscovered but :

These girls have an amazing sense of style and design. I always find inspiration here when I need it.

L: If you could steal someone’s career, whose would you choose?

KK: A friend of a friend: Gillian Wilkins is the Fashion Editor for Russh. She’s always jet-setting around the world working on fantastic shoots for the magazine. There’s definitely stress-involved, but from the outside it seems like an amazingly creative and exciting ride!

L: Everyone has a fashion faux-pas once in awhile. What’s your most embarrassing fashion mistake?

KK: I think I have fashion faux-pas all the time. I think the answer to this question should be: every outfit that I wore from the ages of 16 to 20.

L: Best advice you’ve ever been given?

KK: “Be sure to adjust your own mask before helping others.”

L: Most treasured possession?

KK: This is a hard one for me. I don’t really get connected to things and I think I live pretty light. I don’t hold on to a lot for sentimental value, but on my most recent trip to England, my aunt gave me my late grandmother’s pearls. My grandmother was such a lady. She was rarely ever seen without her pearls, and although I will probably never wear them myself I will always treasure them and the memory of her.

Shop Krystle’s Fall Picks here!

5 Questions on Fall Fashion with Luisa Via Roma’s Head Womenswear Buyer

In the midst of Milan Fashion Week, we sat down with Silvano Vangi, head womenswear buyer of Italian-based luxury retailer Luisa Via Roma, to talk fall trends, up-and coming designers (J.W. Anderson made the cut!) and seasonal essentials. Read on to see Silvano’s answers in full and shop his buyer’s picks below.


 Lyst: What are your five favorite trends for fall?

1. Grunge-punk.

2. 80’s Indian Maharaja.

3. Hip-hop elements worn in very, feminine, lady-like ways. For example, an oversize fleece sweatshirt with a pencil skirt and high heels.

4. Menswear-inspired flats with short evening dresses in chiffon.

5. Menswear-inspired separates. Welcome back to the suit!

L: Please lyst 10 of your favorite items from Luisa Via Roma for F/W13:

See Silvano’s fall picks here.

L: What key pieces should every woman have in their closet this season?

1. A fitted, double-breasted Balmain jacket

2. A perfecto leather jacket by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent

3. A long-sleeved lace “Madonna” dress by Dolce & Gabbana

L: Are there any up-and-coming designers we should have our eye on?

SV: KTZ and J.W. Anderson from London Fashion Week. Keep an eye on Fausto Puglisi’s new eponymous line and his line for Ungaro as well.

L: What’s up next for Luis Avia Roma? Any exciting projects in the pipeline?

SV: The next Firenze4Ever is already in the works, and it is going to be awesome! I can’t give details, but trust me, you want to be there.

Street Style Tips from Purple Magazine’s Paula Goldstein Di Principe

Start your sartorial engines dear lysters, fashion month has arrived! To celebrate the stylish bi-annual feat, we’ve asked our dear friend—and street style savant—Paula Goldstein Di Principe to share her top ten street style commandments. The London-based editor, known for her down-to-earth attitude and eclectic-cool look, explains that when it comes to nailing the perfect fashion week ensemble, the more rules broken and risks taken, the better! From bold prints to eye-catching colors, Paula shares her full lyst of street style tips below.


1. Colour - this season is all about pink and I’m excited! Never one to shy away from colour it means ill be less my little pony freak and more on trend - I recommend brights to anyone…who can be sad in Fuchsia?
2. Playful prints - my fashion week packing this season includes Kenzo Eyes, Antipodium Care Bears and JW anderson’s comic book print - add a print that makes you smile! Think of your 6 year old self’s dream wallpaper for inspiration.
3. A sensible skirt - it’s all about a skirt your grandmother would approve of - brilliant for not indecently exposing yourself when sitting at a show.
4. Experiment with hosiery - even the dullest of outfit can be brightened up with say some - swan lake tights I recently discovered le flu flu Italy and I’m actually looking forward to colder weather just to wear the piles of tights I have ordered.

5. The perfect pair of jeans - needs no explanation try Frame, BLK DNM and Joes Jeans, all of which are favourites of mine.

6. Tartan - Chanel did Edinburgh, everyone else followed including myself. Having spoken at Edinburgh fashion festival recently I used the opportunity to get armfuls of the stuff to swathe myself in.

7. Boy George hair a la karma chameleon - rags bright bits and braids, maybe don’t add sea creatures unless your gaga though?

8. Nike fly knits - the off-duty editor must have.

9. Ladylike gowns - the type of A line dresses that have men running to open doors for you.

10. Skater boy baseball caps - they now go with basically anything.

To shop our Paula-inspired street style picks, click here, and don’t forget to visit her new travel site, Voyage D’Etudes.

Spotlight On: Hannah Bronfman

DJ, model, designer and businesswoman Hannah Bronfman is more than just your average “It-girl.” From her recently launched collab with NYC designer Kaelen to the release of Beautified, her new app, this entrepreneur-meets-stylesetter—we’ve never seen anyone pull off the crop top so well!—is one of the busiest girls about town. Read more about her latest projects in our exclusive Q&A and shop her fall wishlyst below.


Photo credit: Christopher Starbody

L: You just launched Beautified, a genius app that helps you find and book same day beauty services. Tell us more!

HB: Beautified came from the frustration of trying to fit beauty appointments into my ever-changing schedule. As someone always on the go, I could never tell what my schedule would be the next day, much less a week or two in advance. Beautified was our solution to this problem: you book a same day appointment at one of NY’s premier salon or spa. The salons closest to you are listed first, as to be at your ultimate convenience.

L: How would you describe your personal style?

HB: Funky and comfortable with a feminine edge.

L: Describe your typical day, with outfits to match!

HB: My day usually starts at Equinox around the corner from my house in soho. I usually wear a Michi sports bra with nike spandex shorts and Nike Flyknits. I just bought the 5.0’s and they really keep me going on the stair master.

Then I’ll head to WeWork for Beautified. Since it’s a start up building, you’ll see people in everything from cut offs to three piece suits. I like to keep a balance between the two. I’ve been wearing my Jonathan Simkhai skirt with a black tee by Dior and the Everly bootie by Jeffrey Campbell. Since I have to carry my laptop, I use my Fendi 2jours bag everyday.



For DJ events, I’m always on my feet, so I’ve gotta be comfortable! My uniform is Acne jeans and my favorite rag and bone tee. I’ll style it up with my Isabel Marant Adele sandals, Jennifer Fisher chain cuffs, Tuleste Market choker and a bright lip. I’m loving all of Clinique Chubby stick colors for summer.

image       image

L: What are 5 must-have items on your fall wishlyst?

1. ByTerry lip balm

2. Prada silver platforms

3. MaxMara trench

4. Organic by John Patrick turtle neck

5. Bite Beauty lipstick

L: What’s the one piece in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

HB: Prada brogues

L: Right now, what’s your favorite ___________?

Designer: Kaelen

Handbag: Reece Hudson

NYC Hangout: ACME

Album: Magna Carta, Jay Z

Beauty Product: KORA white clay mask

Shop all of Hannah’s of-the-moment essentials and more here.

Spotlight On: Roopal Patel

With a resume that includes Fashion Director of Bergdorf Goodman and Market Editor of, Roopal Patel is certainly no newcomer to the fashion scene. Having recently launched her own consulting firm, Roopal sat down with us to share more about her latest career venture, her typical day (with outfits to match!) and her must-haves for fall


L: You have one of the most impressive resumes around—from serving as Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman and Market Editor of to most recently launching your eponymous Fashion Consulting firm—and are certainly an expert when it comes to the fashion and retail landscape. What is your favorite part of running your own agency and how is it different from your previous roles?

RP: I love this new chapter in my career. Every day brings a new experience, a new meeting or opportunity. No two days are ever the same. I am working on a few projects and they could not be more different from each other. You can be in LA one week and then in Madrid the next week. I am constantly moving and on-the-go. I love that I get to visit new places, meet new people and learn about innovative ideas that people are talking about. Anything is possible and that is what makes running your own company so amazing. I go with the flow and see where the road takes me. It is fantastic!

L: Describe your typical day, with outfits to match!

RP: My day usually begins at 6am with a workout. I travel a lot for work so I may be in NY, LA or Europe. I try to fit a workout in according to the city. In NYC it is SoulCycle and sessions with my trainer King. Then i head up to my office and have meetings for most of the day. If I am working with a client, I usually head to their office. I dress up not down for work. It does not matter if I am visiting a factory or heading into a conference room. 

L: You are a huge supporter of up-and-coming designers. Which newcomers have impressed you most and who should we look out for next season?

RP: Rosie Assoulin wowed me with her first collection. I loved her sense of color. She also is able to make classic silhouettes look very modern. The oversized blazer and baggy trouser in vermillion red were some of my favorites. A name to know and one to watch for sure.

Jonathan Simkhai's boy meets girl sensibility keeps getting stronger every season. His play on mixed fabrications and proportions keep getting better. It is the right mix of edge and femininity.


Simone Rocha - I met Simone a year ago at the LFW showroom in Paris. She had just had her first runway. I love how she in interpreting traditional fabrics in modern ways. Her sense of color is also pretty amazing.


L: Summer travel destination? What’s on your packing list?

RP: Capri and Panarea. I am packing a lot of my summer favorites. Proenza Schouler dipped tee’s, Lisa Marie Fernandez and Bantu bikini’s, printed summer dresses from Isabel Marant, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Peter Pilotto. Printed patchwork python skirt from Proenza Schouler.  Leopard print hair calf espadrilles from Celine and Ancient Greek Sandals. Also, an assortment of clutches from Celine and Saint Laurent. 

L: Looking forward to the upcoming season, what are your five must-haves for Fall?

RP: Givenchy Rose-Printed Moto Jacket:


Givenchy Python Boots:


Christopher Kane Camouflage-Printed Skirt:


Celine Oversized Clutch:


A evil eye piece from the Kenzo collection:


L: How would you describe your personal style? Where do you seek inspiration?

RP: I love color, print and pattern. How I wear them and mix them changes every season. My inspiration comes from my every day. If I see something in the street that inspires me—a super chic lady in another city during my travels, a great building, an incredible artist. I recently saw a super cool building in London which was pink and mint green. It made me want to buy something pink! I am always looking everywhere for inspiration.

L: What is the one item in your closet you couldn’t live without?

RP: My CHANEL croc-printed jacket. I don’t think I will ever part with that. 

L: Name your favorite _______________ right now. 


Handbag: Reece Hudson

Album/Artist: Daft Punk (Get Lucy seems to be my summer song!)

Sunglasses: My Black Wayfarer’s from Celine

Denim: Rag & Bone

Beauty Product: Creme de la Mer and anything from Tata Harper

Swimsuit: Lisa Marie Fernandez and Bantu

Thank you Roopal! Shop her of-the-moment essentials and more here.

Firenze 4 Ever : Grunge, punk and rock n’ roll

Our favorite fashion event, Firenze 4 Ever took place a few weeks ago.

Fashion’s bloggerati arrived in Florence for Luisa via Roma’s biannual “Firenze Ever” event to wine, dine and style their favorite looks from the upcoming Fall 2013 collections. Embracing the rebellious spirit inspiring fall fashion, the Punk themed weekend set amidst some of Florence’s most stunning location, took grunge glam to the next level.


We joined some of our favorite bloggers - BagSnob, Blonde Salad, Gary Pepper, Bryan Boy and more for style labs with Luisa Via Roma’s stunning fall collection.

It was an unforgettable weekend, filled with fashion, laughter, incredible food and spectacular fun.

Don’t miss the must-have shopping edit (MENS) (WOMENS) from LUISA VIA ROMA, and be sure to follow their LYST~

Thank you to all of our dear friends at Luisa Via Roma. See you again soon!



Spotlight On: Lane Crawford’s Fashion Director Sarah Rutson

As Fashion Director of Lane Crawford, Hong Kong’s premiere designer destination, Sarah Rutson identifies seasonal trends, emerging talent and develops one-of-a-kind designer collaborations. Known throughout the industry for her chic personal style and impeccable taste, this fashion fixture is always ahead of the curve, making Lane Crawford’s designer selection a shopper’s dream. From Pre-Fall picks to wardrobe staples, Sarah shares her of-the-moment lyst and more in this exclusive Q&A.


L: What does personal style mean to you? 

SR: To men, it’s about not trying too hard. I don’t like contrived looks. I’m like most women, busy juggling a lot of things from career, constant business travels, being a mum and wife, so I have a wardrobe that is about real life balanced with liveable style and not about trying to get noticed or a picture taken. My life doesn’t revolve around the outfits. I love fashion and clothes, but they fit in with my life. The way I dress is an outward expression of who I am, I don’t dress to become someone else or portray an image that is anything but me. 

L: Who are your style icons?

SR: My mum for sure.  She was and still is the most elegant woman with a strong sense of uniqueness who always stands out in a crowd even today into her 80’s.  She has presence.

L: What are the elements of style every woman needs in her closet

SR: Every woman has her own needs for whatever her life is and will need what works as my wardrobe staples may not work for another woman. For me, the backbone of my personal wardrobe is always the white shirts, a tuxedo jacket and a biker jacket. I’m also a big lover of bold jewellery, mostly costume for me that always add something to my wardrobe to give it a different dialogue.

L: What are your must-have items from Lane Crawford’s Pre-Fall buy

SR: Givenchy: Look 22

I will go for a sweatshirt over knitwear most of the time. Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci is totally my personal vibe.image

Proenza Schouler: Look 3

This will be a wardrobe favourite of mine that I will wear to death. I will get so much wear from this skirt in winter and summer.


Celine: Look 23

I always go for a classic men’s style coat every season. I love clean lines and this will be my 4th winter coat from Celine. It is a design classic and again one that will stand the test of time which is really important for me in clothes that I buy especially for a winter coat.


L: What does your ideal day in Hong Kong look like

SR: An ideal day in Hong Kong will be at the weekend. I’ll be out and about walking the dogs along the many trails in the hills, out on a boat, or having picnics and BBQs on the many hidden deserted beaches. People see Hong Kong as a concrete jungle, it is far more than that and extremely beautiful.

L: In what ways does the Hong Kong style differ from New York or London

SR: Hong Kong women are very feminine as a whole. They embrace that side of themselves and also love colour, floral and lace. They will be far dressier than that of a Londoner or New Yorker.

L: What 3 pieces from your closet couldn’t you live without

SR: As mentioned before, they are white shirt, tuxedo jacket or le smoking of some form and a biker jacket.

L: Whose style would you like to steal

SR: Taylor Tomasi Hill.  She is just flawless and totally eclectic as always. She is unique and like no one else.

L: Where are your favourite summer vacation spots

SR: My family has a home in Tuscany which is 1100 years old and is stunning. We travel a lot and have many favourite places to visit, like Taormina in Sicily. Europe is hard to beat in the summer, although this year we are doing a California road trip from San Francisco down to Los Angeles. We love adventures and being busy.

Be sure to follow Lane Crawford on Lyst for all the fashion you love from your favorite designers.